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Everything Is Radiant Between the Hates

"Everything is Radiant Between the Hates assembles poems carrying advice from a fascinating but imperfect parent, the introspections of a modern urban man, the accidental humor of our cultural shorthands, the physical and spiritual traumas of the worst of our society, the unexpected silver linings of an online life of collaboration alongside the lonely deprivation of the human touch, the sins of politicians, the saintliness of everyone, advice from the ancestors, gifts for the descendants, a good laugh, a good cry, elevated and fresh-faced wordplay, and occasionally a love story" -- Shana Nys Dambrot /LA WEEKLY

Released: January 2012
Moon Tide Press
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New Jersey Me

New Jersey Me explores an ensemble cast of unique characters, including Blackwater’s hometown nuclear power plant; a beauty named Baby, Baby’s hell-bent-for-prison boyfriend, Terry; a Mary Kay mom high on Vicodin and Bloody Marys; and an old old tree with a taste for blood. The son of the local police chief, Mark dreams of escaping the small town’s conflicting and oppressive codes of manhood. In the meantime, though, Mark lives a boy’s life, Blackwater-style: netting fish that have been killed by sudden coldwater emissions from the nuclear plant; kidnapping a chimp from the local circus; selling dirty socks to a local eccentric who may hold the key to Mark’s escape; dating a one-legged girl; and observing the increasingly mysterious behavior of his best friend, Jimmy.

Released: September 9, 2016
Rare Bird Books
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-942600-53-4
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8th & Agony

In this book you will find a diverse style and approach to poetry and prose writing that speaks of a lyrical lifetime experience not usually apparent in a premiere collection for a writer. Along with the experience, there is the craftsmanship of a songwriter, a modern bard of contemporary musicality. This book is an amble down the open road as well as the dark alley ways and then across a soft beach sand and on into vibrant sunsets that shine on contoured boulevards of dreams both broken and healing. 8th & Agony is a broad tapestry of wordsmithing that has been assembled here in an open parade of personal triumphs and pitfalls that coincide with the scope and vision of a writer who has tuned his work through the trials of performance in a way that has shared this experience with numerous audiences and now has been laid bare for the record here in these pages. Rich Ferguson is a well-heeled spoken word performer that brings a thespian musicianship to the stage along with a storied amount of influence and knowledge of the word, hence the diversity of style and content in this collection. This work is an exploration of poetic road mapping that convenes inside the travelogue of a life experience that touches on all the muses have to bring to bear in this world.

Released: December 15, 2012
Punk Hostage Press
ISBN: 978-0985129361
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